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FAMa US FAMILY HEALTH PLAN MAGAZINE Spring 2016 Value of Time Whats Really Healthy USFHP goes to Capitol Hill Home Birth... A Family Decision TRICARE PRIME COVERAGE US FAMILY HEALTH PLAN CARE Serving the Families that Serve Ours... 800 241-4848 INSIDE FAM HEALTH WELL-BEING COMMUNITY 4 Natural Birth The story of a familys decision to use a non-traditional approach to childbirth. 8 Learning to See Childrens Vision by Age When a newborn baby first opens its eyes is one of the most treasured moments for a parent. But what exactly does your newborn see As your children mature your role in the early stages of their visual development and care will impact how they maintain the health of their eyes. 6 The Masseuse will see you now Massage therapy can be an alternative method of care for some all too common health issues. 7 Are you sure its good for you Not everything that we think is good for us actually is. Youll be surprised what you should reconsider eating. 10 Can We Walk and Talk A Familys answer to re-creating lost time using a daily exercise routine. 16 Yum Yum Give me some Heart healthy recipes are scrumptious and easy to make. 3 Spotlight 3 Retiree Appreciation Day 12 They Love Us Our Members weigh in on our service delivery in the most recent CAPHS survey. 13 Senate Staff attend USFHP Showcase on Capitol Hill 14 We Are GROWING Look to see the new hospitals and providers who have joined our network. 14 Avoiding Balance Billing Three simple ways to avoid receiving physician bills. 14 TRICARE Updates Proposed changes to TRICARE benefit may affect your care. 15 FAM CAM Out and About US Family Health Plan sponsors events throughout our service area See if we captured your SMILE. Spring 2016 1 The Uniformed Services Family Health Plan USFHP is a TRICARE Prime military health plan sponsored by the Department of Defense DoD. Weve been providing comprehensive care for military families and retirees for over 30 years. We provide the full TRICARE Prime benefit including routine doctor visits specialty care hospitalization urgent and emergent care preventative health care services and prescription coverageplus extras such as 0 to low cost eyeglass benefit annual physical exams and discounts to fitness clubs. USFHP members have access to some of the best hospitals and physicians in the nation. We pride ourselves on providing friendly personal service. If you have questions call us toll free 800 241-4848. You can visit our website or at httpswww.facebook.comusfhp.nettimeline. Who We Are 2 2016 US Family Health Plan. All rights reserved. TRICARE is a registered trademark of the Department of Defense Defense Health Agency. All rights reserved. FAM a US Family Health Plan Magazine is a publication of Saint VincentsUS Family Health Plan. The contents of FAM are copy- righted and may not be reproduced without the written permission of US Family Health Plan or content author. US Family Health Plan does not take any responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs which may be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication. Advertisers and contributors assume all liability for the content and photographs they supply to US Family Health Plan or any company acting on behalf of US Family Health Plan and assume responsibility for any claims against the publisher and publication arising from their advertisement or editorial and photos that were contributed by them. Photography submitted to FAM must have written consent from the subject and is the con- tributors responsibility to obtain. US Family Health Plan assumes no liability for services advertised in the magazine. The publisher reserves the right to edit rewrite or reject editorial material and assumes no responsibility for accuracy errors or omissions. All artwork including advertisements created for FAM is the property of US Family Health Plan and cannot be reproduced without writ- ten permission from the publisher. Neither the publisher or US Family Health Plan management nor any agency or contractor is responsible for any offers products services statements infor- mation and content expressed within this magazine. Any person or entity that relies on information obtained from this magazine does so at his or her own risk. The content is provided as an in- formation service only and it is the sole responsibility of the reader to investigate and evaluate any and all content provided. Spring is the time of rebirth optimism and a renewed energy to embrace life accept change and seek understanding. As Congress and the Department of Defense consider military health care reform US Family Health Plan believes employing the tenets of our value based model will achieve their proposed objectives of improving quality while controlling costs. I welcome this season of change with hope that when all is said and done the fate of TRICARE will not be decided in a vacuum but will be carefully analyzed and evaluated by all stakeholders for its merits as well as it challenges and reconstructed if need be using the best of what TRICARE currently provides coupled with new innovative health solutions that will best meet the health demands of the military population we serve. US Family Health Plan understands the complexities of effectively managing our members health care. We strongly believe there are ways to reform the system without increased cost sharing with beneficiaries and many of the attributes of our program could be successfully deployed within a larger platform. With so many changes to healthcare occurring we are proud of our 35 year history and take pride in delivering exceptional healthcare benefits to all our members. Good health and best wishes as you SPRING AHEAD. Jeffrey Bloom Executive Director From the Executive Director FAMa US FAMILY HEALTH PLAN MAGAZINE Rhonda Morris Director Corporate Communications Editor in Chief Angelo Puleo Production Director Carolyn Geida Art Director Kay Lucas Vivianna Maisonet Editorial Contributors _________________________________ Special thanks to Nadia Jean-Philippe who created our FAM magazine title. Cover photo courtesy of Carrie Sandoval. SPOTLIGHT Our members are the heartbeat of our organization. We honor the commitment that service members make to protect and serve our country. We at USFHP in turn commit to serve the families of those that serve us by providing quality healthcare and access to some of the best hospitals and providers in the nation. In recog- nition of our members in each issue of our FAM magazine we will spotlight a retiree who dedicated a career of service to our U.S. military. We want to highlight both their dedicated military service and their many accom- plishments since retirement. Todays spotlight is on Tyrone Davis Global Training Manager for Military Health Services at International SOS. Tyrone Davis a native of Philadel- phia PA retired as a senior master sergeant from the U.S. Air Force in 2005. While serving Tyrone became a highly skilled healthcare professional. Enlisting in the U.S. Air Force in 1977 he began training as a dental techni- cian at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls Texas and later traveled to Ramstein Germany where he worked at the Ramstein Dental Clinic. Eventually with more experience under his belt he became facility administrator for dental clinics across the world Kansan South Korea Izmir Turkey and Ft. Clayton Panama. Tyrone retired in 2005 as senior master sergeant staying in service 8 additional years beyond his retire- ment eligibility date. His decision was based on three important considerations 1 an increased monetary retirement benefit 2 more professional development and 3 the ability to complete his college degree at no cost. He also got the unexpected benefit of qualifying to earn his Masters degree at no charge under the 911 GI Bill which he took advantage of. He now looks back and realizes the importance accomplishing his educational goals while still serving in the military. Tyrone quickly transitioned into government healthcare after his retirement. He leveraged his extensive education and training to become a TRICARE trainer teaching military benefits personnel about how the TRICARE program works. In teaching about TRICARE Tyrone learned about US Family Health Plan at TRICARE Prime healthcare option. Tyrone is now a US Family Health Plan member. This plan is his option of choice because as he explains US Family Health Plan provides me with a different set of healthcare provider alternatives compared to the standard healthcare options. And I dont mind the single person cost of 280 per year one bit. As a TRICARE trainer Tyrone Davis counseled other military retirees to thoroughly understand the excep- tional healthcare benefits value their military retirement package offers. Many of these options including US Family Health Plan are substantially less costly than health plans offered in the commercial private sector. He states These options are worth exploring to the fullest including US Family Health Planan option that many qualified retirees are not as aware of. Tyrone Davis we at US Family Health Plan salute you for your dedicated service to our country your ability to build a career and gain a higher education through your military service and for the work you are doing to help military retirees and active military families live better and healthier lives. We at US Family Health Plan a TRICARE PRIME option appreciate the sacrifice of all of our retired military service members. All sections of the military respect and honor their retirees. Retiree Appreciation Days RADs are of particular interest to the military bases. About 500 retirees and spouses attend each RAD. Events are designed to update the retiree families on a wide range of topics. These may include changes to the benefits and or legislative plans. At most of the events the BasePost Commander gives a briefing on changes in the active force alignment. In the US Family Health Plan service area there are a few such events happening this spring. JBL McGuireDixLakehurst in New Jersey is holding their RAD on April 30th 2016. The West Point Garrison Command is also using April 30th 2016 to honor their retiree community. At the 111th Fighter Wing in Horsham PA the families programs is hosting a retiree Benefits Workshop on May 14th 2016. We urge all retiree families to attend the next RAD in their area. To get additional information of these upcoming RADs visit our website httpusfhp.netwhats-happening Retiree Appreciation Day COMMUNITY A Familys Story Our decision to have our child at home was not an easy one. We wrestled with this decision two times previously with our other children and each time elected not to proceed. It wasnt that we didnt want to but like many young families we were concerned with the safety of this process. What would we do if there were complications What if our child was in distress Would we be able to live with ourselves if anything happened Though we personally felt there were more pros than cons we veered on the side of caution. In early spring when we found out we were pregnant again we knew this time would be different. We joined a sup- port network of parents and caregivers who embraced this method of delivery. Great Balls of Fire Ms. Scarlett I dont know nothin bout birthin no babies screeched Thelma Butterfly McQueen in the epic tale Gone with the Wind. As in most movies of that time scenes involving the birth of a baby happened behind a closed bedroom door amidst the sounds of screaming and wrenching and then the wailing of a baby entering into the world. Births such as those depicted in old films were the norm in the early 1800s in fact it wasnt until the 1900s that women elected to use a more conventional setting for childbirth. Today more and more families are electing to forgo the traditional birth setting and are choosing to experience the miracle of birth in the intimate setting of their homesurrounded by the support and love of the family unit. Natural B I R T H A Family Experience FAM HEALTH 4 Written by Rhonda Morris I gave birth at home because I wanted to experience physiologic childbirth with limited medical inter- vention. To be at home snuggled afterward in my own bed where I felt most safe surrounded by the family that my husband and I created together was a feeling like no other. My baby was put directly on my bare skin and did not leave that spot until I was ready for her to. Our child was born in early November in the comfort of our home with the support of a midwife my loving and caring husband and her curious siblings. I finally got to experience the birth I had envisioned was possible. THE CONTROVERSY The decision to use a hospital versus a home delivery is one that should be discussed between the family and the provider notes the Medical Director US Family Health Plan. US Family Health Plan has always offered home birth as an option for our members. The decision to use this natural method of birth is a complex one states Retired Capt. Dr. John Burkhart USN Chief Medical Officer US Family Health Plan. Dr. Burkhart goes on to say We receive many calls from TRICARE beneficiaries looking to explore this option. Our elimination of much of the red-tape involved in this choice is the big draw for these beneficiaries. When safe we contract with the midwives and birthing centers that provide our members with the comfort and ease to make this experience gratifying for the family. FAM HEALTH Disclaimer Patient should seek the advice of a doctor when making a decision regarding home birth this publication is not a substitute for medical advice and is for informational purposes only. DECIDING IF HOMEBIRTH IS FOR YOU Home birth may be an option for you if You are having a healthy low-risk pregnancy You want to avoid an episiotomy cesarean section epidural and other similar interventions You want to share the experience with family and friends You want to be free to move around change positions take a shower and eat or drink freely during labor You want to enjoy the comforts of your home and familiar surroundings Home birth is not for you if You are diabetic You have chronic high blood pressure or toxemia also known as preeclampsia You have experienced preterm labor in the past or are at risk for preterm labor now Your partner does not fully support your decision to give birth at home Tips When Considering a Home Birth Put together a health care team consisting of a midwife and an obstetrician Interview several midwives regarding their birth philosophy. You might be more comfortable with a midwife who shares your view of birth Write out a Plan B in case a hospital transfer is necessary Find out if your midwife works with a backup OBGYN Find a pediatrician who will examine the baby within 24 hours of the birth 5 6 BENEFITS OF MASSAGE Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. Its increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress pain and muscle tension. Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases some people enjoy massage because it often produces feelings of caring comfort and connection. Despite its benefits massage isnt meant as a replacement for regular medical care. Let your doctor know youre trying massage and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans you have. THREE TOP BENEFITS OF REGUlAR MASSAGE THERAPY Excellent Stress Reliever A good massage therapy is an effective way to release tension and sore muscles caused due to mental and physical stress from day to day life. Healing Various Health Issues A good massage therapy can help improve health issues including headaches sleeplessness asthma and arthritis indigestion issues like constipation and minor pains aches. Massage therapy promotes overall health by enhancing the bodys own processes. Keeping Your Body Toxins-free One if the most important benefits of regular massage therapy is its helps in eliminating lactic acidLactic acid gathers inside your muscleseventu- ally helping your lymphatic system a system that is responsible for eliminat- ing toxins from your body. Massage therapy is no longer seen as just a treat or relaxation but rather as an effective healing therapy for mind and body that keeps you energized and your body toxins-free. A good massage can also help improve your body posture. People with improved body posture are likely to look better and feel more confident. Moreover better posture helps keep your body aligned reducing aches and pains. RISKS OF MASSAGE Most people can benefit from mas- sage. However massage may not be appropriate if you have Bleeding disorders or take blood-thinning medication Fractures Burns or healing wounds Severe osteoporosis Deep vein thrombosis Severe thrombocytopenia Discuss the pros and cons of massage with your doctor especially if you are pregnant or you have cancer or unexplained pain. Some forms of massage can leave you feeling a bit sore the next day. But massage shouldnt ordinarily be painful or uncomfortable. If any part of your massage doesnt feel right or is painful speak up right away. Most serious problems come from too much pressure during massage. THE TAKE-HOME MESSAGE ABOUT MASSAGE Brush aside any thoughts that mas- sage is only a feel-good way to in- dulge or pamper yourself. To the contrary massage therapy can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being whether you have a specific health condition or are just looking for an- other stress reliever. You can even learn how to do self-massage or how to engage in massage with a partner at home. WELL-BEING The Masseuse will See You Now Massage therapy is an innovative technique that aids in reducing stress anxiety and promotes overall good health and well-being. It is our mission to perform with efficiency so that each participant experiences an Ultimate Relaxation Moment. The benefits of regular massages include improved circulation relief from aches pains decreased stress levels in the body enhanced mental clarity greater flexibility. Kevin Brown CEO of Heavens Hands Therapeutic Massage. ___________________________________________________________________________________ httpgreatergood.berkeley.eduarticleitemhands_on_research httpwww.mayoclinic.orghealthy-lifestylestress-managementin-depthmassageart-20045743 Did you know that human touch has deep and positive effects on overall health In fact research shows people that are touch deprived are more prone to phys- ical for example various diseases as well as mental illnesses. Dacher Keltner Ph.D professor of psychology at the University of California Berkeleyexplains the relationship between humans and the need for touch in The Greater Goods latest video feature The Science of Touch. Here he elaborates on cutting edge research that explains how the everyday form of touch can bring emotional bal- ance and better health. Touch therapy or massage therapy may sound like some weird Berkeley idea but its got hard science on its side. Its not just good for our muscles its good for our entire physical and mental health. co-workers dont want. Do yourself and everyone else a big favor and adjust your first meal of the day to be something healthy. Try good old bacon and eggs or even better try an omelet with spinach tomatoes and light cheese. Your morning and everyone elses will be better. Peanut Butter and Jelly. The iconic PBJ is a good source for protein and can quickly slay hunger but it can also kill you. A classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich packs in more sugar and calories than a standard turkey and cheese and without the protein. Not the best choice if you want to stay healthy. Egg Substitutes. Most are under the impression that eggs are not healthy because they raise bad cholesterol levels. The correct statement is that too many eggs raise high cholesterol levels. Eggs in moderation are a great source of protein and nutrition. This misconception gave rise to a whole new category of products called egg whites or egg substitutes which were generally considered healthier than eggs. Well the gig is up. Theyre not healthier just costlier. New research has uncovered that egg yolks or eggs in general if eaten in moderation do not significantly increase cholesterol levels. And thats a good piece of news. Today when everyone is focused on eating healthier we think we are finally on track for being the great nutrition nation. We pat ourselves on the back do a high five and feel like we on our way to better health longer lives less stress and more energy. Its all good in the neighborhood. The problem is that with all the labels internet intel advertise- ments and other mother-wit most of us really dont know whats healthy at all. We only know what we are told is healthy. And believe us when we tell you everything you read or hear is not necessarily true. Especially when it comes to healthy eating. The healthy food craze is nothing more than a money maker for many companies. These companies know how to talk the talk but dont walk the walk. US Family Health Plan a TRICARE PRIME health program wants to expose these food frauds. They are unhealthy foods deliber- ately trying to parade themselves as healthy through misleading labels advertising or just plain old miscon- ceptions. Here is the hit list of foods that need to be eliminated from your diet as quickly as possible Boxed Cereal. As they like to say read your labels. You can see from reading the labels of most commercial boxed cereal they are high in sugar and low in protein. Not the best way to start off your day. These are what we like to call empty carbs. They fill you up but they cant keep you going. In fact it wont be long after eating them that you start to feel hunger pangs have mood swings and experience low energy. Just what your Sport Drinks. We have all be ill-informed that we need sugar-water to refuel after a grueling workout. In reality scientists now recommend plain water along with 20 grams of protein is whats needed to help muscles recondition and rebuild. Turns out the sugar thing was just a big myth and who needs to increase their sugar intake anyway Multivitamins. This is not a slam against vitamins. We all need those. The common fallacy is that we need to take a multivitamin when we get more than enough vitamins through our food especially if we eat properly. Close to 50 of all American take a multivita- min each day. Yet research has not found any justification whatsoever for how these babies help us be health- ier. And thats a lot of cash down the drain especially when theres more than enough evidence that we get all the vitamins we need from what we eat. FAM wants to shine a bright light on unhealthy foods that we all think are healthy along with their unnecessary costs. Use these dollars to buy more organic products that will actually have a positive impact on your health and the environment. 7 WELL-BEING 5UNHEALTHY FOODS that you thought were healthy 8 Babies dont see much detail in fact most of their vision is blurred because they can only focus eight to twelve inches in distance. Babies start to learn how to focus by looking at faces. In the first few weeks an infant will move their entire head to move their eyes but after a couple of months they gradually begin to move their eyes independently and start to develop their visual skills such as eye coordination and tracking. It takes several months for your childs vision to develop. Knowing the stages of your babys vision and how you can help in their development will ensure your childs vision will be its healthiest. Did you know even before your baby is born you can help in the develop- ment of their vision During preg- nancy proper nutrition and prenatal care aids in a healthy development of your babys eyes. From the moment your baby is born there are things you can do to aid in their visual development. A newborns eyes should be examined and tested for congenital eye problems to decrease the risk of vision problems later in the childs life. By the time a baby is four months old they begin to reach for objects showing the beginning of hand and When a newborn baby first opens its eyes is one of the most treasured moments for a parent. But what exactly does your newborn see As your children mature your role in the early stages of their visual development and care will impact how they maintain the health of their eyes. Learning To SEE Childrens Vision by Age WELL-BEING 1 800 283-9374 W n C r a f t eye coordination and have also developed the ability to see in full color. They become quite skillful at this age and will reach for almost everything they see so watch out At six to eight months most babies have started to crawl further developing their eye and body coordination. By the time a baby turns twelve months old their visual perception has developed and he or she is now able to notice different shapes and sizes of objects have integrated vision and fine motor coordination and are reaching for finger foods and holding their own bottles. A childs vision continues to develop during their preschool years. It is important to continue to help in their development. Help your child by reading a book out loud and letting himher see the words and pictures on the page. Have your child explore the world of arts and crafts. Stimulat- ing their imagination will also simu- late their eyesight. Your child should have their first eye exam at the age of three years old so that an optometrist can check to make sure their vision is developing normally and also to screen for any possible problems and catch them early on. Its important for children to have their eyes examined before they start school. An optometrist will deter- mine if a childs visual system is adequately prepared to handle reading writing and other demands school work can put on a childs eyes. Children often do not realize the strain their eyes are under and rarely report any vision problems. This is why it is important that your child has his or her eyes examined regu- larly. Routine eye exams will check to see if your childs eyes are healthy and if he or she will need eyeglasses to see clearly. When your child reaches middle school eye movements are more refined for accuracy at near and distance. Did you know your childs visual comfort levels help improve his or her self-confidence Many children will try their hand at sports while in middle school playing sports requires tracking ability and body and eye coordination. Better agility leads to playing better which can enhance your childs confidence level. Monitoring your childs visual devel- opments is all in preparation for their life ahead. The visual demands of college can be quite stressful on a teenager. While in college your child will have to deal with a higher level of reading. This requires making their eyes work harder by reading more material focusing and tracking words in less time while trying to for- mulate interpretive thinking. Visual accuracy is imperative at this point. As your child is preparing to enter the beginning stages of adulthood continuing to monitor their vision through regular annual examinations remains an important aspect of your childs growth. The same can be said after we gradu- ate college and enter the work force except now the responsibility shifts to ourselves as individuals. As your children mature into independent adults your role in the early stages of their visual development will impact how they maintain the health of their eyes. As adults being aware of the visual demands and stresses our jobs may impose on our eyes is based on the skills we learn and develop as children. As we age we begin to recognize how our vision adapts to our everyday occurrences. Vision changes are normal through- out our life which is why we need to be aware of the importance of ensuring our eyes are healthy and functioning at their best. Encourage your childs interest early on by reading introduction to colors buying them developmental toys and having their vision examined annually. Being aware of their visual skills throughout their growth will enable you to maintain your childs vision at its healthiest. 9 SOURCES Gary Heiting OD. Your Infants Vision Development. Page Updated October 2010 httpwww.allaboutvision.comparentsinfants.htm Vision for Infants Toddlers and Children. 2004 Las Colinas Vision Center httpwww.lascolinasvision.compagespatient_libraryvision.htm Developmental milestones Sight. Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board. Last updated June 2005 httpwww.babycenter.com0_developmental-milestones-sight_6508.bc Learning to SeeHow Vision Develops. The Childrens Vision Information Network. December 2010 httpwww.childrensvision.comdevelopment.htm Dr. William Moskowitz. Vision Changes as we Age. December 2010 httpwww.visionhelp.comvh_learning3_04.html Written by Vivianna Maisonet WELL-BEING 10 When was the last time you spent an afternoon curled in your favorite chair laying across a bed or sofa just chat- ting with your family Not talking about what you have to do that day but just catching up on the moments missed those missed moments that will never be re-captured. Thats the thing about time it is constantly moving leaving memories in its midst memories that can only be recreated as an image of that moment in our mind. But even having the time to recreate this imagery is often cast aside as we move on to our next moment. Life on lifes terms often derails us from the opportunity to reflect on our moments or more importantly share these moments with our loved ones. MELLIES DAY My day starts at 530am sharp. Exercise shower grab a bite and run out the door before my sons alarm clock even rings. Family breakfast has been replaced by quick bites microwave sandwiches and Keurig coffee to go. I arrive home to an empty house at around 730pm to whip together a meal for the troops to eat when they arrive home. By the time the family scurries in Im knocked out fully dressed in my corporate uniform on the couch clutching on to the remote. I somehow rouse to make it to my bedroom around 1030pm. DAVES DAY At 430am Im showering to arrive at my Job site by 600AM. I work 7 hours with12 for lunch. I arrive back home at around 300pm to again shower and change clothes by 4pm Im off to pick up or drop off David to his bas- ketballfootball practice based on the season or a game. Because of my hours Im the designated activities parent. I at least do get to spend time with David while we are travelling from one practice or game to the other. I however compete for his attention with his phone. Smart technology has swallowed 100 of my sons free time. Id love to just take a moment to talk to David about anything or everything. David Jr. and I communicate less and less each day. Communication with Mel is a little better. Mellie and I have learned how to text and this is how we stay on top of what needs to done. Sitting down with Mellie is rare we just dont have the time. Planning and decision making is done through our devices. DAVIDS DAY School basketball games and snapchat in that order are my life. I spend 8 hours at school two to three hours at practice and 4 to 5 hours on snap chat Instagram or Facebook. I still like spending time with my parents but its hard because we are all busy and we like different things says David. I remember when we used to play board games together after dinner when I was younger those were great times. MAKE TIME To expect families to immediately change the behavior that has controlled their existence is unrealistic. Families can however decide to gradually add more family time into their day to day lives here are a few suggestions Plan a weekly Walk and Talk Dedicate a day of the week that the family will participate in a 30-60 minute walk. Each family member MUST commit to participate schedule a day and an hour for the walk. Use this time to re-create a moment in time that impacted you during the week. Use humor and your best story telling voice to captivate and entertain your family. Each week another member gets an opportunity to re-create their moment in time. Give me an Hour We are all guilty of overusing our devices. Laptops tablets smart TVs phones the whole kit and caboodle. Lets face it we are addicted to our devices Lets commit to turning off all devices including that big game for one hour every day. Take this time to work on a family projectlaundry dusting homework help or just enjoy the stillness of the home. We text too Send each other a daily text to reaffirm your commitment to each other. Perhaps its a mere hello thinking of you or an emoji. Above all be open honest loving and caring. The world will continue to evolve time will continue to fly life will continuously change but the family bond should remain the same. RE-CREATION A familys journey to unite one moment at a time WELL-BEING Modern lifestyles have made it very rare for families to spend time together. There just seems to be so much to do and too many things to take care of hence most families spend very little time together. However no matter how busy you are there is always a need to make sure that you put aside some family time. Creating time for your family is very important because 1. It strengthens the family bond When you have time to get into leisure activities with your family and spend more time together the family bond is made even stronger. There is really no way you can expect to feel close to your spouse and children if you do not spend any time with them. The activities do not even have to be expensiveit can be as simple as playing games at home or engaging in something like a family picnic out in the park. Spending time together brings you together and you will find that you are emotionally tighter than ever. 2. It helps members improve each other You will only know each others strengths and weaknesses when you have some time together. It becomes easier for parents to know their children better so they can help them out on areas that need improvements. Family time makes it possible to understand each other better and hence relate better improving each other in the process. 3. It improves the academic performance of the children Children who feel loved by their parents have less emotional issues that can affect their academic performance. Their performance is also improved because they have their parents there to guide and offer them any necessary help they might need with their studies. Parents who have that time also end up motivating the children to work harder and hence they greatly improve. 4. It keeps negative influences and behaviors at bay Communication is very important between parents and children and this is something you can only achieve when you have some family time. Family time brings children and parents closer thus making it easier for them to open up about issues bothering them and parents can in turn offer guidance and instill good values in the children. In short when you have time for your family your children will not end up seeking answers in sources that are not very good or spending time in a bad company that can lead them to drugs and other bad behaviors. Children with good home back-grounding are less violent and have less behavioral problems. 5. It molds children into better parents How you bring up your children can determine how they bring up their families in the future. By spending family time together you get to teach them to be better parents in the future. They get to know the value of family and develop parenting skills through you. Family time offers the perfect platform to make better parents out of your children and there is nothing better you can give freely to your children. 11 The Importance of Family Quality Time Live Laugh Love By Shalinimittal The importance of family time really cannot be overlooked in any family setting. Strengthen the bond and build better people in your children by spending a little more time together. WELL-BEING 12 Each year the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider Systems CAHPS rates aggregate member satisfaction for all health plans in the country. This years report showed that US Family Health Plans satisfac- tion rating for 2014 was 91.5 making our members among the most satis- fied in the country. In fact this rating is more than 25 higher than the na- tional average for commercial health plans. Its a rating that we are very proud of. On November 3 representatives of US Family Health Plan briefed members of Congress about the benefits of the only fixed price value based capitated care program in the U.S. Military Health System as an example of affordable but excep- tionally high value health care. The US Family Health Plan is the alternative model of care that the country is striving for said Linda Marzano chair of the US Family Health Plan Alliances board of directors and CEO of Pacific Medical Centers located in Seattle. We have high quality high patient satisfaction and a lower cost of care. We are achieving what the entire country is trying to move toward. AirForce Chief Master Sergeant Michael Tedford a US Family Health Plan member explained his family chose the US Family Health Plan from among the TRICARE choices because the preventive care approach that US Family Health Plan adopts can help to catch a significant illness in its infancy. The plans focus on preventive care is high and I think its really instituted in the culture of all the care providers Tedford explained. It sort of mimics that old clich an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ive had nothing but good things to say about the US Family Health Plan and I plan on staying in it until Im kicked out. Rear Admiral Center who served the U.S. Navy for 35 years noted The quality of care weve received is ex- traordinary he said. Im grateful we have this plan and if it were up to me I would want a plan like this for all military retirees. Our medical benefit is the most important of all of our retirement benefits and when I talk to other retirees I get the same sentiment especially as we grow older. The US Family Health Plans model lends itself to a true partner- ship between the military and retiree healthcare providers and I think a seamless partnership is really impor- tant as we go forward in the future. Time and time again US Family Health Plan members share these kinds of insightful and heart-warming testimonies with us. Our goal is to continue providing U.S. military active duty family members retirees and their families the best healthcare plan our country has to offer as part of the TRICARE Prime Health Program. Thank you for giving us this extraordi- nary satisfaction rating. Our emphasis on prevention turns out to be an important difference maker for our members. We look forward to another year with the opportunity to provide you with exceptional service. Thank You - THEY LOVE US Patient-Centered Healthcare Leads to US Family Health Plan Member Satisfaction COMMUNITY United States Senate staff had an opportunity to learn first-hand about the best in care quality and patient satisfaction for military families and veterans last week at a briefing on the US Family Health Plan. Part of the Military Health System since 1981 the US Family Health Plan provides the TRICARE Prime benefit through six non-profit regional health care provider organizations that serve military families and veterans with quality coordinated care and best- in-class patient satisfaction. The brief- ing was hosted by Senators Susan Collins R-Maine and Barbara Mikulski D-Maryland who rep- resent states in which US Family Health Plan member providers Martins Point Health- Care and Johns Hopkins Health Care operate. The US Family Health Plan is an amazing health plan said Linda Marzano chair of the US Family Health Plan Alliances board of directors and CEO of Seattle-based Pacific Medical Centers. We offer high-quality care and high patient satisfaction for all of our beneficiaries. Our vision is to really simplify health- care for everyone. Serving the families that have served our country is our highest priority added Jeff Bloom senior vice president at St. Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of New York. We believe establishing a strong culture of compassion improves quality of care and we take pride in delivering exceptional healthcare benefits to all our members. Unique among TRICARE programs the US Family Health Plan provider organi- zations serve more than 145000 benefi- ciaries through fixed price contracts and using a capitated care model. David Chicoine senior Vice President and plan CEO for Brighton Marine Health Center the US Family Health Plan provider in Massachusetts and Rhode Island explained how care capitation allows for greater focus on disease prevention wellness programs and 13 COMMUNITY Senate Staff Attend US Family Health Plan Showcase on Capitol Hill improved care access for beneficiaries. The US Family Health Plan is the only fully at-risk managed care plan that the Department of Defense offers he said. What that means is the government pays the programs a fixed annual pre- mium for each member who enrolls in the health plan. Transferring the risk to deliver all of the healthcare to us com- pels us to create an environment in which patient engagement and effective access to care is optimized. We are responsible for providing all of their care regardless of what they need. Staffers representing 16 different U.S. Senate offices heard compelling testi- mony from service members who have entrusted the US Family Health Plan with their health care. Retired U.S. Air Force chief master sergeants Michael Tedford a Johns Hopkins beneficiary and Charles Halsted a Martins Point beneficiary shared examples of their families positive experiences with the US Family Health Plan. One of the big focuses on care mimics the old clich an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That approach seems inculcated into the culture of the plan said Tedford who retired after a 30-year career that included stints on the aircrew of Air Force One. Over the years Ive been able to share my expe- riences with a bunch of fellow military retirees and a lot of them have signed up for the US Family Health Plan and have had pretty much the same positive experiences that Ive had. Chief Halsted offered a deeply personal story about the quality care his wife received. My beautiful wife is a constant gardener Halstead said. Shes highly susceptible to skin cancer and like me she wears heavy glasses. In the last two years shes had a problem with one eye which required cataract surgery and in this last year she had a case of skin cancer near the eye. Martins Point jumped right into it arranged for all the tests surgeries and post-op work that had to be done. I dont know what more you can ask from a care provider. It means that I can be assured of her care and my care through my extended life and I plan to push it hard. It means that I have people I can go to and Ill tell you how important that is. Mary Cooke Vice Presi- dent of the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan program discussed how the privilege of working with Plan beneficiaries also benefits civilian hospitals. The civilian healthcare community has learned so much from the military community she said. We are honored to be part of the Military Health System. With that privilege comes responsibility and look at our beneficiaries how can you not love them This partnership is magic and its kind of a two-way street we always raise the bar for each other and I think the closer we can work together the better we can serve our common mili- tary community. Chief Halsted left attendees at the close of the briefing with a ringing endorsement of the US Family Health Plan. I cant emphasize to you enough the importance of quality care for people who have stepped forward for our country he said. As Chief Tedford said its keeping a promise we gave those people when they put their hand up. To think that some people in our government would start to tweak this operation to make a buckif that is what it comes down to its a travesty. You have to support this type of operation. These people are really doing a great service. 14 We Are GROWING Our Provider Partners are Growing USFHP is pleased to welcome new providers to our network. These providers will join you in delivering quality health care to our members. Visit our website to see if your provider has joined our network. Dont see your doctor Call our office to check for the most updated information 800 241-4848. Receiving Bills How to Avoid Being Balance Billed Occasionally we receive calls from our members regarding receiving a bill from a provider. Over 90 of these bills can be avoided by following these 3 simple steps Always present the US Family Health Plan card for all provider visits. DO NOT SHOW YOUR MILITARY I.D. CARD. It is imperative that you remember to show your USFHP card at each provider appointment. Remember providers may not know how to differentiate between TRICARE standard TRICARE Prime and US Family Health Plan. Using your US Family Health Plan card reduces this confusion by 100 Let your providers office know NOT TO BILL MEDICARE. If you are a member of USFHP and have Medicare Part A and Part B US Family Health Plan is primary to Medicare. To avoid being balance billed DO NOT SHOW YOUR MEDICARE CARD AT DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS. The most common denial reason is for out of network care without an authorization. This can be avoided by only going to a network provider. When in doubt visit our website- provider locator or call Customer Service 800 241-4848. As always if you do receive a bill please contact us right away. Our Customer Service department is here to help Provisional coverage for FAI surgery begins January 01 2016. At that time your health care provider can give you a referral for treatment if you are diagnosed with this condition and meet certain clinical criteria. You will be able to get FAI surgery from any US Family Health Plan authorized orthopedic surgeon who performs this procedure. The surgery must be pre-authorized by US Family Health Plan. For more information call US Family Health Plan 1-800 241-4848. COMMUNITY PENNSYLVANIA Abington Hospital Lansdale Hospital Methodist Hospital Jefferson Hospital SUFFOLK COUNTY Winthrop Hospital Coming Soon CONNECTICUT Danbury Hospital New Milford Hospital Norwalk Hospital Western Connecticut Health Network The 2015 National Defense Authori- zation Act created a provisional coverage program that allows TRICARE to provide coverage for emerging treatments and technolo- gies. The first treatment to be evalu- ated and approved under this new program is surgical treatment of a hip condition called Femoroacetabular Impingement FAI. FAI can occur when the bones of the hip are abnor- mally shaped. Because they do not fit together perfectly the hip bones rub against each other and cause damage to the joint. Symptoms include pain in the hip or groin area which limits or hinders mobility. Department of Defense announces new Pharmacy Fees for FY 2016 TRICARE updates Retail 30-day Supply Generic 10 Brand Name 24 Non-formulary 50 The TRICARE pharmacy copays are going up as outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2016. Here are the new copays starting February 1 2016 Home Delivery 90-day Supply Generic 0 Brand Name 20 Non-formulary 49 TRICARE Benefit Expands to Cover New Hip Surgery 15 US Family Health Plan sponsors events throughout our service area See if we captured your SMILE. FAMCAM... Out and About COMMUNITY 16 Shrimp and Pineapple Tacos with Black Bean SaladFrom by Charlyne Maddox INGREDIENTS 1 15.5-ounce can black beans rinsed 2 scallions thinly sliced 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 4 tablespoons olive oil kosher salt and black pepper 1 pound frozen peeled and deveined largeshrimp thawed 12 medium pineapplepeeled cored andcut into 1 12-inch chunks about 4 cups 12 teaspoon ground cumin 14 teaspoon cayenne pepper 8 6-inch corn tortillas warmed Cut-up avocado salsa verde cilantro andhot sauce for serving DIRECTIONS Soak 8 small wooden skewers in water forat least 10 minutes. Meanwhile in mediumbowl combine the beans scallions limejuice 2 tablespoons of the oil and teaspoon each salt and black pepper. Heat broiler. Thread the shrimp and pineapple onto the skewers and place ona foil-lined large broilerproof baking sheet.Rub with the remaining 2 tablespoonsof oil and season with the cumin cayenne teaspoon salt and teaspoon blackpepper. 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YIELD 1 SMOOTHIE 2 CUPS PREP TIME 5 MINUTES COOK TIME 0 MINUTES COMMUNITY And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom. - Anas Nin Like us on Facebook httpswww.facebook.comusfhp.nettimeline NON-PROFIT MAIL U.S. POSTAGE PAID BERNE IN 46711 PERMIT 43 5 Penn Plaza 9th Floor New York NY 10001 TRICARE is a registered trademark of the Department of Defense Defense Health Agency. All rights reserved. Visit us at We want to hear from you If you have a story or recipe to share send it to us for consideration at