10 Lobbyists were successful in working with Congress to avoid the vast majority of TRICARE fee hikes for current beneficiaries. • In the final version of the NDAA 2017 Congress opted to (mostly) grandfather currently serving and retired military beneficiaries against other proposed hikes. - Impose an annual TRICARE For Life enrollment fee of up to 2 percent of retired pay; - Raise annual fees by 50 to 100 percent for TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Standard over several years; and - Double pharmacy copayments over the next 10 years. While we were successful in not having these hikes added into the NDAA, some lesser changes are coming over the next few years that will affect roughly 1.5 million retired military and survivor beneficiaries who get their health care under TRICARE Standard. Those changes include: • As of Jan. 1, 2018, TRICARE Standard will be renamed TRICARE Select. • Also starting in 2018, you will need to go through a formal enrollment process (signing an enrollment form) to participate in TRICARE Select. Currently, you have to enroll to get care under TRICARE Prime, but your ID card is all you need under TRICARE Standard. That will change in fall 2017, when Standard users will get a notice about needing to enroll in TRICARE What Coming TRICARE Changes Will Affect You? Select if they want coverage in 2018. • For 2018 and 2019, there won’t be any enrollment fee for TRICARE Select. • But beginning Jan. 1, 2020, there will be an annual TRICARE Select enrollment fee of $150 (individual) or $300 (family). Currently serving families, Chapter 61 (medical) retirees, and military survivors whose sponsors died on active duty will be exempt from paying the fee. For subsequent years after 2020, the enrollment fee will be increased by the same annual percentage as the annual retired pay COLA. • At the same time the TRICARE Select enrollment fee is established in 2020, the annual catastrophic cap on out-of- pocket expenses for retired families will be raised to $3,500 (versus the current $3,000). In subsequent years, the cap will be increased by the same percentage as the annual retired-pay COLA. The cap will remain at $1,000 a year for currently serving families. US Family Health Plan members are not affected by these changes. Members enrolled with US Family Health Plan do not need to fill out any additional applications. To find out more about TRICARE Prime with US Family Health Plan visit us @ www.usfhp.net or call us 1-800 241-4848. MEMBER UPDATES MEMBER UPDATES MEMBER UPDATES ATTENTION: US Family Health Members of the NJ National Guard US Family Health Plan is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the NJ National Guard Association to promote the health and wellbeing of our NJ National Guardsmen and their families. Historically, the NJNGA provides new members of the NJ National Guard with a $ $10,000 life insurance policy for the 1st year @ $0 cost. Thereafter, premiums are automatically deducted on a monthly basis at a rate of $3.66 per month. US Family Health Plan is honored to cover the cost of the policy for all of our NJ National Guard members for the duration of their membership with USFHP; stated Jeff Bloom Executive Director of USFHP. “It’s a small token of our appreciation for the men and women of the NJ National Guard. We are privileged to serve them as they serve us every day.” If you are a member of the NJ National Guard call us to find out if you qualify: (800) 241-4848 opton#3. 1) If you let us know about your Other Health Insurance (OHI) you may be eligible to be reimbursed for co-pays and or deductibles. Yes. Members who have OHI may be eligible for reimbursement of most out of pockets co-pays and or deductibles. To be eligible for reimbursement: • Provide us your OHI insurance card • Provide us a receipt • Wait for your reimbursement It’s that simple…Call us for additional information (800) 241-4848 2) If you have a student between 21-23 years of age, you need to update their status in DEERS. Yes. When your child reaches the age of 21 in order to be eligible for TRICARE benefits they must be a full time student at an accredited college. To ensure continued enrollment in TRICARE: • You must notify DEERS that they are enrolled in college • Provide the required documentation to the DEERS office. • Verify status is updated in DEERS. To verify your child’s enrollment status or eligibility contact us (800) 241-4848 option#3. Did you know? ✪ COMMUNITY http://www.moaa.org/Content/Take-Action/On-Watch/What-Coming-TRICARE- Changes-Will-Affect-You-.aspx