3 ✪ COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT T his US Family Health Plan Spotlight features Major Jason Tiger. Jason, a 25 year military veteran serves in the United States Air Force and the New Jersey National Guard. Currently, Jason is an active duty service member. He is also president of the National Guard Association of New Jersey, where he is tasked with addressing the priorities of the New Jersey National Guard. This includes teaming up with legislators and corporate stakeholders to ensure the interests of the National Guard are represented. It is through his role with the association that he was first introduced to US Family Health Plan. “US Family Health Plan has become one of our best supporters,” Jason said. “We are partnering to meet the insurance needs of our soldiers and airmen, both USFHP and supplemental products. I like to support the people who support us.” by Gregory Giaconelli Major Jason Tiger Jason and his wife Shannon have three children, Jason, Elizabeth, and Daniel, who have been mem- bers of USFHP since November 2015. Two years ago, Jason took an AGR position with the New Jersey National Guard, making him eligible for TRICARE. USFHP representative, Josephine Grey Martin came to the Tigers’ home and talked to Jason and Shannon about USFHP and how it would work for their family, especially for their eldest son. “Right away, we knew we would have substantial savings with TRICARE Prime because our oldest son is in speech therapy and we were paying out of our pockets.” Shannon said another reason they enrolled in USFHP was due to the easy referral process. Shannon also praised USFHP for their excellent customer service and their personal touch. “Their service is absolutely spectacular,” Shannon said. “They always answer the phone promptly and are extremely helpful.” According to Jason, USFHP also makes a major presence at all of the National Guard functions. USFHP has been an avid supporter of the National Guard. Subsequently, they will be underwriting the cost of the supplemental life insurance policy for their members of the New Jersey National Guard. “This is another way that US Family Health Plan shows their appreciation for our soldiers and airmen. I don’t know any other health insurer who offers this, said Jason.” This past summer, the Tigers spent time in Florida visiting family. After that, they retreated to their lake-side cabin up in the Catskills in upstate New York on weekends. There, they enjoyed fishing, boating and hiking. Retirement is something Jason thinks about daily. His options are open. For now, he focuses on ensuring he stays fit for duty. We at USFHP thank Jason for his many years of service. We also thank him for the commitment he continues to make to the New Jersey National Guard Association. USFHP will be there to meet the needs of Jason and other military members by providing the benefits that they deserve. Jason and Shannon