6 F A M I L Y H E A L T HFAM HEALTH Take the Quiz: Colorectal Cancer Take the Quiz: Colorectal Cancer Don’t be fooled by rumors and misinformation about your colon. Get the facts. Test your knowledge of the six most common beliefs about colorectal cancer. 1. Colorectal cancer can be prevented. q True q False 2. Colorectal cancer isn’t a big problem in the US. q True q False 3. I only need to get tested for colorectal cancer if something seems wrong. q True q False 4. Lifestyle choices, like alcohol use, exercise, and smoking, have an im- pact on colorectal cancer risk. q True q False 5. Most people should start colorectal screening at age 50. q True q False 6. Colonoscopy is the only test used to screen for colorectal cancer in people who have no symptoms of it. q True q False