The Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a TRICARE Prime military health plan sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD). We’ve been providing comprehensive care for military families and retirees for over 30 years. We provide the full TRICARE Prime benefit including routine doctor visits, specialty care, hospitalization, urgent and emergent care, preventative health care services and prescription coverage—plus extras such as $0 to low cost eyeglass benefit, annual physical exams and discounts to fitness clubs. In addition; USFHP members have access to some of the best hospitals and physicians in the nation.

Features of the US Family Health Plan:

  • Enhanced Benefits: Retirees can choose one of US Family Health Plan’s three enhanced benefits
    • Eyeglasses benefits
    • Preventive dental services
    • Gym reimbursement
  • Member choice: Choose a participating US Family Health Plan Primary Care Physician (PCP).
  • Comprehensive health care: US Family Health Plan covers PCP and specialists visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and medical emergencies anywhere. USFHP provides extra services such as annual physicals,eye exams and $0 to low cost eyeglasses too! 
  • No Deductibles/No Cost Sharing $0 Cost for Active Duty Family Members
    There are no deductibles and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. In addition, for active duty family members and retirees with Medicare Part B, there are no enrollment fees and no co-payments (except for prescriptions).
  • Hassle-free: There are no claim forms to fill out and US Family Health Plan can assist you in the coordination of benefits.
  • Part of the military family: US Family Health Plan’s roots are in the Military Health System; we are not a commercial insurance company.

Enrollment is easy – you can sign up any time throughout the year. If you would like more information, click here

We appreciate the opportunity to be your partner in health care and to provide you with the health care benefits that you and your family have earned.