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Over the next few months we are revamping our payment system. You may receive a call from a representative from US Family Health Plan encouraging you to switch to the allotment method of payment. The allotment program is a safer, more efficient and effective way to ensure enrollment fees are posted accurately and timely. Members enrolled in the allotment program will not receive invoices by mail and will not need to contact us to make a payment by phone. Want to know more about the allotment program? Call us @ (800) 241-4848 option #3

Did you recently move, get a new email address or change your PCP? Do you have Other Health Insurance? Let us know, so you can update your demographics, avoid being balance billed and receive reimbursement of co-pays (when applicable).

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The 2017 CAPHS survey was sent out to members. This survey rates your service with us and lets us know what we do well and what we need to work on. Help us to serve you better…