A Plan Made For You

The Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a TRICARE Prime® military health care option that’s sponsored by the Department of Defense. USFHP has provided comprehensive care for military families for over 30 years. USFHP provides the full TRICARE Prime benefits which include routine doctor visits, specialty care, hospitalization, urgent and emergent care, preventative health care services, and prescription coverage. Our members have access to first-class, quality health services with same-day urgent care appointments and quick, seamless specialty referrals. We are dedicated to providing our members with the very best healthcare available.

Learn more about the features of our plan:

  • Members choice: USFHP members have the ability to choose a participating Primary Care Physician (PCP) based on location and care given.
  • Enhanced benefits: Our members have the choice to pick one of the three USFHP enhanced benefits.
    • Eyeglasses benefits
    • Preventive dental services
    • Gym reimbursement
  • Comprehensive health care: USFHP covers PCP and specialist visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and medical emergencies no matter where you may be. USFHP provides extra services such as annual physicals, eye exams, and $0 to low-cost eyeglasses too.
  • No deductibles / no cost-sharing for active duty family members: Our plan has no deductibles and no exclusions for anyone with pre-existing conditions. In addition, military families with Medicare Part B will have no enrollment fees or co-payments (except for prescriptions).
  • Enrolling is hassle-free: There are no claim forms to fill out, and we can assist you with setting up your benefits. You can enroll any time throughout the year. Click here to learn more about if you are eligible for our plan and how to enroll.

We are committed to taking care of your health and wellness and take pride in delivering exceptional health care benefits to all our members. If you have any further questions about our plan, feel free to give us a call at (800) 241-4848.

USFHP Members have access to our Member Portal, which provides our members with information about their plan benefits, customer service, and general recommendations on how to get the most out of your plan. Our member portal allows you to find a doctor that suits you and your family’s needs, view and print out your USFHP Member ID Card, submit documents securely, and learn more about your health.