Our Providers

The US Family Health Plan provider page is a resource to assist our providers in accessing important information about the plan. You can get helpful details about submitting claims, learn about special programs we offer, and receive answers to frequently asked questions.


Beginning March 27, 2016, all prescriptions in the state of NY, including all controlled substances, must be transmitted electronically – paper prescriptions will no longer be acceptable (there are extremely rare exceptions not generally applicable for most dentists).

How to use Fax Recall

Learn about the new IVR Fax Recall System, including Real-time eligibility checking and claim status.

Utilization Management

Pre-certify all services except outpatient PT and OT.

Member Eligibility / Claim Status

Check Member Eligibility Claims or Authorization Status.

Claims and Billing Information

Submit medical claims electronically.

Provider Downloads

Access the Provider Quick Reference Guide, Provider Manual and more.

Service Request Form

To achieve more efficient processing of your authorization requests, and to improve turn-around time, we require using our Service Request Form.


The US Family Health Plan is pleased to announce the implementation of the USFHP Member/Provider portal(s) via ePower. ePower is a web based application designed to provide you access to information regarding member information and claim status. This application allows you to have immediate real time access to information and may eliminate the need to call Customer Service.

In order to access ePower you will need to register as a first time user. You will have the opportunity to select your User ID name and password.

Providers to check claim status or eligibility, click here