Our Providers

The US Family Health Plan provider page is a resource to assist our providers in accessing important information about the plan.

You can get helpful details about submitting claims, learn about special programs we offer, and receive answers to frequently asked questions. Contracted US Family Health Plan providers can use our Provider Portal to check Member eligibility and claim status, look up US Family Health Plan providers for referrals and more.

Has your contact information changed? Let us know!
If you are a current provider, you can update your address, phone or fax number, or other contact information.

Keeping you informed
US Family Health Plan is committed to nurturing a fruitful relationship with its network providers. Our provider relations, contracting & credentialing unit engages with participants in our provider network to keep you informed about our policies, procedures, requirements and expectations. Field representatives make regular site visits to address administrative concerns of physicians and medical office staff. We always strive to streamline and simplify your transactions with us.

To find out whether a healthcare service is a covered US Family Health Plan benefit, click here.