“Dear Dr. Thomas, Dr. Aanonsen, Debbie, Carrie, Annie, Donna, CeeCee, and all the Staff at Ft. Wadsworth FHC,
Our family can’t thank you enough for taking care of us over the last 2 years. You have been so patient and caring. All the families on base speak so highly of the clinic, and it is your incredible staff that make it such a wonderful office for our families to go to. You will be very missed by us! Thank you! Love,”
— Julie, Jeff, Avery, Luke, Owen Dixon

layerimg“Thank you both so much for working with me to figure out the insurance side of our Homebirth even after my due date, but before the birth of our son! I felt God’s care for me and our family through your love, kindness, patience, and selfless service. Thank you again. Here is a picture of our crew so you can see the lives you have touched!”
— Faith Compeaux Member US Family Health Plan

I am a fairly new member with US Family Health Plan and came on with many questions, doubts and some problems. I would like to say how satisfied I have been with the service, prompt answers, solutions and courteous people I have talked to and worked with over the phone. You have a great staff – I compliment them and I appreciate all this Good Service!!
— Joann Corrigan, May 2013

After speaking with individuals from the three different plans, I was very impressed with the customer support provided by Alexa L. from the US Family health Plan.
In my opinion, this type of customer support needs recognition and that is why I’m writing you to inform you of Alexa’s caring support. It was a pleasure dealing with an individual who expressed support, knowledge for my concerns.
— Joseph Stefula, Jan 2011

I ‘am writing this letter as I have the highest praise for one of your employees; Eileen Buckley. Her professionalism, kindness and concern have been outstanding for me and my husband. People who do good work very seldom get credit, but not this time! If you give out gold stars, she would be platinum.
— Jean Paige, Nov 2014

Thank you so much for the lovely photo and frame. We never expected such a beautiful gift. The Veterans Breakfast @ Mitchel Field was so nice. Joyce always makes an enjoyable presentation.
— Mary and Frank Barca, Jan 2013

I would like to express my thanks to USFHP in particular Nadia P., for her efforts and professionalism. Her efforts are very much appreciated by the entire family, and I thank her for lightening our stress load as we pray for my father’s recovery. We are all impressed by USFHP, and in particular Nadia P.
— Kathleen Briody Ridings, May 2013