Behavioral health issues, are common and treatable. No need to suffer in silence. Help is available! Your first call can be to your PCP who manages all your care. He/she can rule out or treat any medical issues.

The following is a listing of the behavioral health benefits US Family Health Plan offers to members:

  • imglayer20One-hour outpatient therapy up to 2 times per week, per calendar year.
  • Individual, group and family counseling for specific problems.
  • All visits must be medically necessary.
  • All visits must be with a network provider.
  • Your first 8 visits in a calendar year do not require a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or an authorization.
  • Authorizations are required starting with the 9th visit.
  • Active duty family members and retirees with Medicare part B have no co-payment. Retirees without Medicare part B have a $25 per individual session and $17 per group session co-payment.

If you still have questions regarding your behavioral health benefits, you can contact our behavioral health partner, Magellan. For a complete list of participating behavioral health providers, click here. The toll-free number is (800) 241-4848. Nurses are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. All calls are confidential.