Plan benefit: We cover prescription drugs that are included on the TRICARE Uniform Formulary and that are prescribed by a licensed practitioner. See below for more information on the TRICARE Uniform Formulary.

Generic Drugs Maxor Mail Order $10 $40
or at Local Pharmacy $13 $156
Brand Name Drugs Maxor Mail Order $29 $116
or at Local Pharmacy $33 $396
Non-Formulary Drugs Maxor Mail Order $60 $240
or at Local Pharmacy $60 $720


How to get your prescriptions filled at participating pharmacies and through mail order:

For urgent, short-term acute medications or the first prescription of a newly prescribed medication, for 30 days or less, present your US Family Health Plan member ID card at a participating pharmacy.

For maintenance medications used to treat ongoing, chronic illnesses, the Plan requires that they be filled routinely by mail order. Using the Maxor Mail Order Pharmacy saves you time and money. When obtaining an initial prescription for a maintenance medication, have your physician write two prescriptions: one for a 30-day initial supply and one for a 90-day maintenance supply. Fill the initial 30-day prescription at a local participating pharmacy. Then, mail your 90-day prescription to Maxor Mail Order Pharmacy.

Mail Order Instructions

  1. Maxor Prescription Order Form – Side 1 Maxor Prescription Order Form – Side 2
  2. Members can go directly to to order refills of mail order maintenance medication prescriptions. Refills can also be mailed, faxed or phoned to Maxor Mail Order. For initial fills of maintenance medications, you will need to fill out the paper form and mail it in with the doctor’s prescription. Please make sure that your current payment information is available to Maxor Mail Order

TRICARE Uniform Formulary

The TRICARE Uniform Formulary covers most FDA approved prescription medications. Some prescription medications may have TRICARE mandated pre-authorization requirements or quantity limitations.

TRICARE Formulary Search Tool

Pharmacy Locations

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