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You may search for providers and ancillary providers (i.e., DME vendor, skilled home health care agency, skilled nursing facility, hospital) using the form below. Use the provider locator to find a PCP in your area and notify US Family Health Plan of your choice by calling (800) 241-4848 or emailing Once your PCP choice has been confirmed, you may make appointments directly. You may also use the provider locator to identify a specialist provider after your PCP has made a referral.

For each search you should enter the type of provider, zip code for your home address and radius in which you would like to limit your search.

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Behavioral Health Providers

To locate a participating behavioral health provider, click here. To contact our behavioral health partner Magellan, call the toll-free number (800) 241-4848. Nurses are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. All calls are confidential.


Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) conduct annual physicals, provide care for immediate illnesses and injuries and issue referrals to Specialists as needed. PCPs are doctors in the areas of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, General Practice and Geriatric Medicine. Members choose a PCP when signing up with the Plan and may change PCPs as needed.

PCPs give referrals to members for Specialty Care Physicians. Members may not see Specialists without a referral from their PCP. Your PCP will know which Specialists are in the Plan and will issue a referral to you when needed. The list of Plan Specialists is provided here for your information. You may bring a list of Specialists if you think you will need a referral and want to discuss it with your PCP during an appointment.

US Family Health Plan strives to maintain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Provider Directory. However, it is subject to change and we cannot guarantee that the information is the most current. The Provider Directory is updated on a weekly basis. Before visiting any provider please check our website or contact Customer Service at (800) 241-4848 to make sure they are still participating with US Family Health Plan.